I never wanted to be a baseball player or an astronaut, and that’s good because I’m scared of heights. Playing music was all I ever wanted to do, and all I ever did. I started on the clarinet in 4th grade because you couldn’t play sax until 5th…but once I got that saxophone, it was all over! I was in and there was no going back. Eventually at 12 I borrowed a guitar and started teaching myself to play so I could get chicks. It pretty much worked as advertised. The irony was that I fell in love with the guitar.

The saxophone got me into the Berklee College of Music, and eventually the Crane School of Music as well. I played jazz for a living for a couple of years, and then decided the guitar was the way to go and moved to Austin, TX. This is where you can find me today- when I’m not on the road. So this is not really where you can find me today, at all.

Come see me sometime and maybe you can fall in love with music like I did.